Table 1.

GRFT-neutralization activity in rice endosperm extract in the presence or absence of CV-N and/or 2G12

ComponentsGRFT IC50, ng/mL
GRFT only1.15 ± 0.02
GRFT + CV-N0.83 ± 0.17
GRFT + 2G120.96 ± 0.04
GRFT + CV-N + 2G120.47 ± 0.11
  • The NL4.3 laboratory-adapted pseudovirus was tested for neutralization using recombinant proteins reconstituted in wild-type rice endosperm extract. The GRFT IC50 value was calculated alone or in the presence of a constant concentration of CV-N, 2G12, or both, corresponding to their IC30 values: 1 ng/mL for CV-N and 100 ng/mL for 2G12. Values are expressed in nanograms per milliliter and represent the average value with SEs from two independent experiments performed in duplicate.