Table 1.

Multiple linear regression results for the three models (shown in Fig. 5)

ModelSample sizeR2Residual mean absolute error, %Precipitation coefficient and 95% CIETo coefficient and 95% CI
All3,1190.27123.31.41 [1.32, 1.50]−1.09 [−1.42, −0.76]
Natural5700.36320.01.43 [1.24, 1.61]−1.41 [−2.00, −0.81]
Human modified2,5490.25624.11.41 [1.31, 1.51]−1.01 [−1.39, −0.63]
  • For all three models, the median daily streamflow trend (in percentage) is the dependent variable and total water-year precipitation and ETo trend (both in percentage) are the independent variables. All models and all individual regression coefficients have P < 0.001. CIs show considerable overlap between models, suggesting that a differential response to climate forcing is not evident.