Table 1.

The genetic origin of the 102.1F10 Fab contact residues in the Fab/Phl p 7 complex

SegmentContact residueAntibody regionGenetic originBinding site
VH (V1–3)S31CDR H1GermlineClassical
Y32CDR H1GermlineClassical
W47CDR H2GermlineClassical
R50CDR H2Somatic mutationClassical
N52CDR H2GermlineClassical
D (D3–10)F100CDR H3VDJ junctionClassical
Y101CDR H3VDJ junctionClassical
S103CDR H3VDJ junctionClassical
S104CDR H3VDJ junctionClassical
G105CDR H3VDJ junctionClassical
JH (JH4)
VL(Vλ1–40)Y33CDR L1GermlineClassical
N53CDR L2GermlineNonclassical
N54CDR L2Somatic mutationNonclassical
N55CDR L2GermlineNonclassical
D62FR L3GermlineNonclassical
K68FR L3GermlineNonclassical
T78FR L3GermlineNonclassical
F93CDR L3Somatic mutationClassical
W100CDR L3GermlineClassical
JL (Jλ4)
  • H, heavy chain; L, light chain; VDJ, variable diversity joining.