Table 3.

Results of simple-slope analyses

OutcomeLower rsFC slope (SEM)PHigher rsFC slope (SEM)P
MetS count of signs0.51 (0.12)<0.0001−0.20 (0.19)0.30
MetS composite0.18 (0.10)0.08−0.15 (0.12)0.19
BMI0.07 (0.03)0.01−0.01 (0.02)0.70
Percent body fat0.09 (0.03)0.007−0.02 (0.04)0.55
Insulin resistance0.24 (0.12)0.04−0.13 (0.06)0.04
Serum leptin0.04 (0.01)0.00050.00 (0.01)0.57
  • Slope parameters represent the association between the neighborhood violence and cardiometabolic health, estimated at lower (−1.5 SD) and higher (+1.5 SD) values of the sample distribution for CEN rsFC. These associations are net of covariates reflecting the child’s age and sex, whether s/he self-identifies as white and/or Hispanic, family income and savings, and pubertal stage.