Table 2.

Multivariate analysis evaluating the association of common genomic alterations with overall survival and time on treatment with first-line ARSI

Clinical outcomeGene alteration(s)Multivariate relative risk (95% CI for RR)
Overall survival from start of first-line ARSIRB1βˆ’1
RB1+3.31 (1.64, 6.67)
Time on treatment with first-line ARSIRB1βˆ’ and ARβˆ’1
RB1βˆ’ and AR+1.86 (1.18, 2.95)
RB1+6.56 (2.94, 14.62)
  • Common genomic alterations listed in Table 1 were included in this analysis. Only significant associations are shown. CI, confidence interval; RR, relative risk.