Table 1.

List of all sites that were tested with country in brackets (AUS = Austria, DEU = Germany, ESP = Spain, FRA = France, GBR = Great Britain)

SiteLab IDContextGraves in totalMultiple burialsTime framePositive/total samples
Alladorf (DEU)ALLSeparate burial area (Hofgrablege)1635×2630–7200/6
Dirlewang (DEU)DIREarly medieval cemetery402×2650–7000/2
Dittenheim (DEU)DITEarly medieval cemetery238, 10 crem.4×2550–7003/9
Edix Hill (GBR)EDIEarly medieval cemetery1151×4, 9×2500–6504/22
Forchheim (DEU)FORSpecial burial11×4650–7000/3
Grafendobrach (DEU)GRASettlement burials (Hofgrablege)851×3, 1×2+1850–9300/3
Kleinlangheim (DEU)KLHEarly medieval cemetery244, 56 crem.8×2, 1×3470–7200/5
Leobersdorf (AUS)LEOEarly medieval cemetery15416×2, 4×3, 2×4, 1×5640–8000/3
Lunel-Viel Les Horts (FRA)LVHEarly medieval cemetery1401×2475–7000/5
Lunel-Viel Quartier centrale (FRA)LVCDemolition trench inhumations6+2 individuals in 2 trenches400–6006/16
München-Aubing (DEU)AUBEarly medieval cemetery8964×2400–7000/8
Neuburg an der Donau (DEU)NEULate Roman cemetery1303×2, 1×3300–4000/2
Peigen (DEU)PEIEarly medieval cemetery2743×2450–7000/5
Petting (DEU)PETEarly medieval cemetery721min. 1×3, 2×2, 1×2+1530–7303/7
Regensburg Fritz-Fend-Str. (DEU)RFFLate Roman cemetery115, 48 crem.2×2350–4500/3
Saint-Doulchard Le Pressoir (FRA)LSDEarly medieval cemetery17512×2, 2×3530–120011/26
Sindelsdorf (DEU)SINEarly medieval cemetery3313×2, 1×3+1500–7200/5
Straubing Azlburg I/II (DEU)SAZLate Roman cemetery541, 1 crem.2×2, 1×3300–4500/3
Unterthürheim (DEU)UNTEarly medieval cemetery25614×2, 2×3, 1×4525–6805/7
Valencia, Plaça de Almoina (ESP)VALVisigothic intramural cemetery673×2, 3×3, 4×4, 2×5, 15×5+500–7001/36
Waging (DEU)WAGEarly medieval cemetery239min. 2×2, 1×2+1530–7001/12
Westheim (DEU)WESEarly medieval cemetery2285×2, 1×3500–6500/3
  • The number of graves is counting multiple burials as single graves; cremations are counted separately. Multiple burials are listed as number of graves times number of individuals (5x2 translates to five double burials, and 1x2+1 to one double burial associated with a single burial). Detailed site descriptions are given in SI Appendix, and a table of all screened samples in SI Appendix, Table S1.