Table 1.

Summary of SDG performance and synergies for the 3 pilot countries

Côte d’Ivoire, %Malawi, %Senegal, %
Goals achievement—BAU scenario213029
Goals achievement—SDG scenario675961
Cost of simulated SDG strategy (% GDP per year)191811
Synergy—contribution to performance70.72
Synergy—economic value (% GDP per year)30.40.7
Type V dissynergy50.00.0
Other dissynergy484
Economic value of type V dissynergy (% GDP per year)20.00.0
Economic value of other dissynergy (% GDP per year)231
Total saving from synergy and type V dissynergy (% GDP per year)50.40.7
  • Goal achievement is the average achievement of the targets underlying the goal. The method for calculating goal and target achievement is explained in SI Appendix. Economic values are given in percent of GDP.